About Me

About me


My name is Eric Polley. I am a freelance animator from Spokane Washington. I was born in Portland Oregon, and had a traveled living most of my childhood. I have been working in film and animation production for over ten years. I am proficient with several 2d and 3d animation platforms. I have been working as a professional freelance animator at erpolley.com since early 2018.


    I have created a variety of projects for various clients. This includes explainer videos, animated music video, lyric music videos, animated shorts, and animated pilot episodes. I enjoy finding a way to learn and create with every challenge.


I have been drawn to animation since I was a child. Animation is my proficiency, though I do have a range of skills within media creation. I can voice act, storyboard, edit video, edit audio, animate, and add effects. I deliver projects from start to finish, so I am required to be a jack of many hats.