Animation Pipeline

 Animation Process:​ Below you will find the animation process listed by step. This is intended to help you understand the rhythm of animation and help make a smooth client to freelancer relationship. If you are providing assets, script, prerecorded audio, etc; that step will be skipped. This pipeline is used as a guideline, depending on the project these steps may be done in a different order or skipped.


Note: Revisions may be requested at any time. 
Brainstorm and sketch design​: This step involved a lot of communication and will shape the idea of the project. This will involve some writing and sketching in a rough draft format.

Script​: The written dialog will be written and broke up into scenes. Each scene is aimed to be fifteen seconds and will provide some character and background descriptions. 

Character design​:  A simple design of each character. 

Background design​: Backgrounds are drawn and saved in vector for each scene. All backgrounds will be sent at once for approval. 

Record dialog audio​: A fully recorded numerically ordered dialog audio recording by scene. This will not include music or sound effects, unless it is necessary for timing in the scene. 

Storyboard​: A simple comic style display of the project, This process is done differently depending on the project.

Rig characters​: A character designed for manipulation, including character packs when needed.

Rough Draft: This process is often called an animatic. This acts as a blue print for the final animation. Depending on the project, I may create the rough draft using fully rigged character(s) with rough finished backgrounds. This saves a lot of time down the line. The finished rough draft will need approval before continuing. 

Add Sounds: All sound effects and music is added at this step. Any music rights bought will be included in the total budget, and discussed before the quote is made. I can also use royalty free music, or direct you to some for your choosing. 

Animate​: The big, long finish. There will be little to no revisions during this process, as everything animated will be pre-approved during the animatic stage.

Render: ​Put the scenes together and render the full video. This may be the video size and file type of your liking. For best results, I recommend a 1080x1920 mp4 file. 


Deliver: I work remotely from Spokane, Washington. Thanks to technology, distance is a problem of the past. Files, images, and video may be sent by email or Dropbox.